Yá’át’ééh  Shik’éí dóó shiDiné’é Shí éí Ashkii łigai

Hello, friends & relatives I am Alexander Piechowski-Begay

Nanishtezhi tahbahaa nishłį́. Bééshbich’ah’I báshíshchíín. Kinłichii’nii dashicheii. bilagáana dashinali. Lókʼaahnteel déé’ naashá. Ákót’éego diné nishłį

I am Zuni-Waters Edge Clan. German. Red House Clan. Polish. This is who I am, and where I am from. In this way, I am a Diné (Navajo) Male.

My focus is keeping my tradition and culture alive through my work in art, teaching and activism.

I travel the world connecting with the indigenous community, cultivating resources, opportunities and creative collaborations that celebrate and educate about our history and culture through my projects.

I specialize in traditional Navajo silversmithing and pottery, creating custom pieces, and teaching the techniques to communities for sustainability.

I’m a commissioned speaker, writer and teacher on indigenous culture and activism.

I am Co-Founder of the Sovereign Sounds Project, which teaches audio production and provides recording equipment to indigenous communities, enabling people to record their songs, their stories, and to archive and learn their languages. 

And I’m the Production Manager of Dancing Earth’s summer intensive. Dancing Earth is an indigenous contemporary dance company based in Santa Fe, NM.

My Art, this has long been a form of resistance.
Each project I work on is a small representation of me as an artist and is an exchange of energy with my collaborators and the communities I support.

May you all walk in beauty,